Steelers Traded Earl Morrall to Detriot

Earl Morrall was the quarterback the Steelers traded for Bobby Layne in 1958.  Morrall played well both as a back up and first string quarterback  for four more teams

Detriot Lions 1960

Game 10 Baltimore at 6-4 came to Detroit to play the 4-5 Lions

Some Lions’ fans say this was the most exciting game they ever saw. Earl Morrall came in relief of Jim Ninowski and threw a touchdown pass to give the Lions a 13 to 8 lead.  After that, John Unitas and company started a drive in the last-minute of the game. Fans actually circled the field in delight as Unitas threw a 37 yard touchdown pass to Lenny Moore. Moore made a fantastic catch parallel  to the ground and totally in the air with 30 seconds left to go.  Baltimore fans sensed their team was going to its third consecutive NFL Title Game.  The cheering was so overwhelming that the TV audience could not hear the announcers. I have never seen a game where the fans encircled the entire field.  After the kickoff with 15 seconds left, Earl Morrall threw a 65 yard touchdown pass to Jim Gibbons. The crowd was stunned and silent but peaceful.  Detroit finished in second place with a 7-5 record. This loss eliminated the Baltimore Colts’ chances of winning a third consecutive title.  They were 6-6 in 1960.

Detroit Lions 1963

The Lions fell from 11-3 in 1962 to 5-8-1.  Nevertheless, with Earl Morrall at quarterback they were a Spoiler on successive weeks.

Week  12. Thanksgiving Day at Detroit  (4-7) vs the Green Bay Packers (9-2)

Earl Morrall directed drives in the last few minutes of the first half and the game to get a tie

First Half-Wayne Walker kicked a 37 yard field goal on the last play of the first half for a 6 to 6 tie at halftime.

Fourth Quarter-Nick Pietrosante rammed in for two yards for a touchdown with 30 seconds left. The 13 to 13 tie all but ruined  the Packers chances for a third straight NFL Championship.

Week 13. The Cleveland Browns, at 9-3, came in to Tiger Stadium with the Lions now at 4-7-1

The Lions eliminated the Browns from winning the Eastern Conference title with a smashing 38 to 10 victory. Earl Morrall completed 13 of 25 passes for 271 yards and two touchdowns.   Defensive End Darris McCord recovered a fumble in the End Zone for a touchdown.  The Lions held Jim Brown to 64 yards rushing.

Morrall  enjoyed being a spoiler. Winning titles would come in the future.


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