Yesterday’s 27 to 20 Loss to the Redskins & Barry Goldwater

Another big disappointment yesterday with the 27 to 20 loss to the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field.  While being tackled, Kick Foles threw a wounded duck that a Redskin defender intercepted after a defection.  Foles fumbled on a roll out and the Redskins recovered.  These turnovers gave Washington 10 points.  At the end of the game came those two misses in the End Zone.  Evan Moore failed to hang on to a flip pass.  Under heavy pressure, Nick Foles short hopped the ball to a wide open Jeremy Maclin.  Foles should have maintained his cool because he did get the pass away.   I can’t remember but it seemed like Maclin could have come back for the ball and still remained in the End Zone. There was a defintie failure of both men to adjust to circumstances.   Losing does not get easier with repetition.


Michael Vick will be the starting quarterback Sunday.  I don’t enjoy seeing Foles injured.  Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Vick’s timeoff affected him.  Fans are saying the New York Giants,  at 8-7,  are through for 2012 and out of the Playoffs.  Maybe So.  Just remember last year they also had an 8-7 after 15 games and wound up as Super Bowl champions.


 Senator Goldwater did not like people qualifying their conservative beliefs.  Two comments from the Executive Branch in the 50s really bothered him.

President Eisenhower ” I am Conservative when it comes to Economic  problems but Liberal when it comes to human problems.”

Vice President Nixon. “Republicans should be economic Conservatives but Conservatives with a heart.”


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