Baltimore Colts Cheated in 1967

The Baltimore Colts lost the last game of the 1967 season to finish 11-1-2.  They tied for first place in the Coastal Division with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams did better in head to head play leaving Baltimore out of the Post Season.  If anything proves the unfairness of the NFL setup,  this final game does.  The first game at Baltimore was a 24 all tie.  In that final game, the Rams at the Coliseum buried the Colts with a 34 to 10 victory.

Their two best games were against the Green Bay Packers, who finished 9-4-1  and Dallas Cowboys, who finished 9-5.

Both of the games were at home.

Week 8 Green Bay came in at 5-1-1 and Baltimore was 5-0-2.

The Packers shut out the Colts for 59 1/2 minutes  and led 10 t0 0. John Unitas threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to Alex Hawkins.  Lou Micheals missed the extra point and Baltimore trailed 10 to 6.  That missed extra point was big. Everyone knew an onside kick was coming.  Nevertheless, Baltimore  recovered it and Unitas threw a second touchdown pass, this time ta 23 yarder to Willie Richardson.  Baltimore won 13 to 10.  The Colts sacked Bart Starr six times for 44 yards and this kept the game close.

Week 12 Dallas came in at 8-3 to and Baltimore was 9-0-2.

The Baltimore Colts rallied for two field goals and a touchdown in the last quarter to win 23 to 17.  Each side had four turnovers.  Despite three interceptions, John Unitas was 22 for 39 for 275 yards and a touchdown.  Alex Hawkins caught eight passes for 125 yards. Baltimore won 23 to 17.


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