Earl Morrall in Baltimore 1968

After the disappointment in 1967, the Baltimore Colts were determined not to have the same thing happen in 1968.  Johnny Unitas though came up with tendonitis and the Colts picked up Earl Morrall from the New York Giants. With minimal preparation, Morrall responded with his best season ever. Earl was the NFL’s leading passer, an All Pro, and the Player of the Year. He of course had a great team behind me and the figures are there for you to see.  For the sake of brevity,  here are Morrall’s figures and the scores during the season.  182 passes completed, a 57.4% completion rate, 2,909 yards; and 26 touchdown passes. The season results:

Game 1 San Francisco W 27 to 10

Game 2 @ Atlanta W 28 to 20

Game 3 @ Pittsburgh W 41 to 7 (a route)

Game 4 Chicago W 28 to 7 (and the Bears had Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus)

Game 5 @ San Francisco W 42 to 14 (a route)

Game 6 Cleveland L 30 to 20 (the only loss)

Game 7 Los Angeles W 27 to 10 (the Rams finished 10-3-1)

Game 8 @ New York W 26 to 0 (a shutout)

Game 9  @ Detroit W 27 to 10

Game 10 @ St. Louis W 27 to 0 (the Cardinals were 9-4-1)

Game 11 Minnesota W 21 to 9 (Central Division Champion 8-6 record)

Game 12 Atlanta W 44 to 0 (third season shutout)

Game 13 Green Bay W 16 to 3 (defending NFL Champions)

Game 14 @ Los Angeles W 28 to 24 ( meaningless game but the Colts won anyway)

Season Record W 13 L 1

Western Conference Playoff W 24 to 14

NFL Title Game @ Cleveland Browns W 34 to 0 (fourth shut out)


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