More on Andy Reid

There has been enough talk about the defense.  The Eagles in 2012 had just as many problems on the offensive line.  Recall in 09, that Jamal Jackson was hurt and out for the season after the 15th game.  The victory over Denver that day was the last in six consecutive weeks.  Just one lineman missing no doubt played a part in the losses to Dallas both in the 16th game and in the first round of the playoffs.  In 2012 only two losses, to Pittsburgh and then Detroit were really close.    These losses came after the Eagles had 3-1 record and were the cracks in the foundation.

In addition, I  have often said that Philadelphia’s losses in four of five NFC Championship Games would come back and haunt him.  And they did.  For example, even a loss in three rather one Super Bowl would have given Andy Reid much more credibility.  Past history of course influences us in current time frame.  Especially in the 33 to 25 loss to Arizona four years ago, the offense was drab until late in the third quarter.  The overconfident Eagles should have defeated Arizona.

The Philadelphia have many issuses that a new coach will have to address.


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