Pittsburgh Steelers in 1964-The Second Great Game

The 3-7 Pittsburgh Steelers went to Yankee Stadium to play the 2-6-2 New York Giants.

First Quarter-The Steelers took the opening kickoff and, running alternately with John Henry Johnson and Clarence Peaks, moved to the NY 3.   The drive stalled and Mike Clark kicked a ten yard field goal.   The Giants took the opening kickoff and started a drive of other own, using the passing of Y.A. Tittle and runs by Ernie Wheelwright and Clarence Childs.  The turning point to this game came at the Steeler ten.

–Wheelwright caught a screen pass at the Pittsburgh three;

–Linebacker Myron Pottios jarred the ball lose;

–the ball bounced into the End Zone and Steeler defensive back Dick Haley recovered it for a touchback.

Second Quarter-The Steelers took control.

–Flanker Gary Ballman made a one handed catch for 19 yards.  Ed Brown fired a ten yard touchdown pass to Clendon Thomas.

–On the next series, Brown completed a 41 yard pass to Running Back Clarence Peaks.   John Henry Johnson ran 10 yards for a touchdown.  The blocking was so good that Johnson could have almost walked those 10 yards to pay dirt. At the half,  the Steelers  led 17 to 3.

Third Quarter-The Giants fumbled in their own territory the first three times they had the football.

After each fumble-Brown threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to Gary Ballman; John Henry Johnson ran two yards for a touchdown; and Mike Clark kicked the first of two field goals.  At the start of the  final period, the Steelers led 37 to 3. The last quarter was for reserves and Pittsburgh won 44 to 17.

Notes from the Game

–As in the Cleveland game, the blocking from the offensive line was flawless at day.

–Ed Brown completed 10 of 13 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns.  Brown had all day to throw. The score would have soared had  Buddy Parker not pulled him after three quarters; but reserves need playing time whenever possible.

–John Henry Johnson gained 106 yards on 25 carries and scored two touchdowns;

–Clarence Peaks gained 97 yards on 15 carries and caught the 41 yard pass I mentioned;

–Gary Ballman caught five passes for 117 yards and a touchdown.

The Steelers, running straight ahead,  gashed the NY defense for 238 rushing yards.  The 44 points was the most for Buddy Parker in his eight years as the Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was also the third highest score in team history.


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