Pittsburgh Losing Streaks in the 60

We all remember the great Steeler dynasties in the 1970s.    The decade before was a reflection on the team’s futility for almost 40 years. Each year from 64 to 71 brought an extended losing streak. Pittsburgh was mainly a baseball town.  Pro football was something to keep fans interested in some sport.    Many people regarded those interested in the Steelers as almost eccentric.    30,000 was considered a good turnout.  In 1972, things really changed.  Three Rivers Stadium was always at capacity to watch the Steelers.  The Pittsburgh Pirates also had good to great teams in the 70s.   Nevertheless,   the attendance for baseball was among the lowest in the Major Leagues.

Here are the grim details which Eagle fans can relate to:

1964-Buddy Parker as the Head Coach.   Five game losing streak and the team went from 3-2 to 3-7.  Final record 5-9

1965-Mike Nixon as Head Coach.  Losing streaks of five and seven games.   Final record 2-12.

1966 to 1968 Bill Austin as Head Coach

1966-Five game losing streak;  final record was 5-8-1.  Not good but a 3 1/2 game improvement over 1965.

1967-Five game losing streak; lost three and tied one over another four game span; Final record 4-9-1.

1968-Six and five game losing streaks; Final record 2-11-1.

1969 to 1971 Chuck Noll as Head Coach

1969-After winning the first game, the Steelers lost 13 games. Final record was 1-13.

1970-Pittsburgh lost both the first and last three games. In between, the Steelers played some of their best ball in years; Final record was 5-9.

1971-The team was even at 5-5 after ten games.  Fans thought they might be looking at a playoff team; but Pittsburgh lost three of the last four;  Final record was 6-8.


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