Fran Tarkenton and Minnesota-1962

The seventh week of the subject season brought two winless  teams together.  Minnesota came in to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to play the Rams.    Both teams were bad at 0-6.  Nevertheless, for this game and the season, the Minnesota Vikings proved they were the better team.  Fran Tarkenton was 14 for 24 for 216 yards and three touchdowns.  Tommy Mason caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.  One of the Vikings’ four turnovers was a 39 yard return for a touchdown by Defensive Back Bill Butler. Final Vikings 38 Rams 14.

The following week, as previously mentioned, the Vikings at home defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 31 to 21.  This was a measure of revenge for Minnesota’s coach Norm Van Brocklin.  The return game with the Rams in Minnesota was a 24 all tie.  The Vikings fell back by a half a game in 1962 from the initial season in 1961.  Going from 3-11 to 2-11-1.  The Los Angeles Rams were in last place with a 1-12-1 record.


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