1967 A Sad Bookends Year in Pittsburgh

1967 was a bad year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After a strong finish in 1966, fans’ expectations were high.  What fans got was bookends.  This year also marked the end of CBS using specific announcers for each team.   The network wanted to avoid any biased reporting in an increasing mobile society.  They informed Steeler announcer Joe Tucker that they would no longer need his services.  Mr. Tucker was a fine announcer that the networks never appreciated.

Game 1 at Pittsburgh.

Gale Sayers returned a kickoff 103 yards for one touchdown.  Bears defensive back Roosevelt Taylor recovered a fumble and ran 25 yards for another.  Chicago led 13 to 3 but it was all Pittsburgh after that. Dick Butkus  made an interception and ran 24 yards but Chicago punted on the next series.

For the Steelers, Bill Nelson went 15 for 25 for 223 yards and two touchdowns.  Running back Willie Asbury carried 12 times for 107 yards and two touchdowns.  One run was for a rousing 71 yards.  The Pittsburgh defense recorded  six turnovers,  limited Chicago to just 95 yards of total offense,  and gave up only six first downs.  Final Steelers 41 Bears 13.

Game 14 at Green Bay

The Packers had won the Central Division Crown, were eying the playoffs, and used reserves most of the game..    Even so, they had 309 yards of total offense and held the Steelers to just 194 yards and 10 first downs.  But the Steelers had five turnovers, their longest drive of the season, and excellent play from two defensive lineman-Chuck Hinton and Ben Magee.

First Quarter from the Packer 20.  Hinton blocked a pass from Bart Starr that  Magee caught and run 20 yards for a touchdown.

Second Quarter from the Steeler nine. Quarterback Kent Nix threw a straight forward pass for a 21 yard gain to running back Earl Gros.  The rest of the drive was near perfect.  Nix this time handed off to Gros from Packer 21.  Behind great blocking, Earl Gros went for a touchdown.

Pittsburgh led 14 to 10 at halftime.

Third Quarter which the Steelers dominated.  Defensive back Marv Woodson intercepted a pass.  Mike Clark missed a field goal but the Steelers got the ball back from a fumble by Donnie Anderson at the GB 22.  Linebacker John Campbell recovered it.   Mick Clark this time made good on a field goal for a 17 to 10 lead.  Late in the quarter,  Packer quarterback Zeke Bradkowsi dropped  back to pass.  Ben Magee hit Bradkowski who fumbled.  Chuck Hinton picked it up and ran 27 yards for the touchdown.

The Pittsburgh Steelers led 24 to 10 after three periods.  In fourth quarter,  Travis Williams ran 29 yards for a touchdown narrowing the score to 24 to 17.  Steeler safety Paul Martha intercepted a pass on the last series to hold the 24 to 17 lead, giving Pittsburgh the victory.   For once, Vince Lombardi did not seem angry at a loss.


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