For a Quick Trip to Washington, DC

A friend called me this morning and asked what to do for a quick visit to Washington, DC.  Here is a generic list.

Here are the must sees in DC for me anyway.
1. Three monuments

Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Robert A. Taft Carillon

See the first two at night. The Taft one late in the day preferably on Sunday but not at night because of the area. The bells on the Carillon have a eerie effect with least possible noise around it. Note how the Lincoln Memorial lines up straight with the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

2. The US Capitol and see both the House and Senate. There will not be as many members on the floor since most of the work is in committees but it is a fantastic site. 

3. Ford’s Theater is as it was the night of Lincoln’s assassination..  Across the street is the Peterson House, where Lincoln died. He had to lay diagonally on the bed.

4. Do not go the White House unless you get a VIP tour. You will feel a like a cow being driven,  see nothing,  get a sore back.

5. Take a ride through Embassy Row and Rock Creek Park.


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