Senator George Norris vs President Wilson-WWI & Watching Pitt at Home

To refresh George Norris was a Republican who served in the Senate from  1912 to 1942

Senator George Norris in early 1917 was one of 12 Senators who conducted a filibuster against President Wilson’s Declaration of War with Germany.  The President lashed out at the  “little group of willful men ”  who blocked  his self proclaimed war for democracy.  Most of the press in both the nation and in Nebraska called Norris and his colleagues traitors.  Undeterred,  Norris  came to Lincoln to face a large auditorium of citizens to explain his vote.  The Senator rented the room from his own salary.  Many of his friends,  fearing for his safety, urged him not to hold these mass meetings.  But George Norris was a courageous man and found nothing but profound applause.   After that, GN went to Omaha with an audience even more enthusiastic.  The response everywhere in Nebraska showed more opposition to entering the European War than ever anticipated.

After these meetings, Senator Norris approached members of the Nebraska legislature and Governor John Morehead asking for a Recall vote.  Governor Morehead was a Democrat whom might have jumped to support a President of his party but refused a recall.  I believed that  Norris would have come off looking very well.  Nevertheless,  the Senator’s triumph was short lived as he learned when returning to Washington.


As I mentioned earlier it was a big treat in the late 60s for Pittsburghers to watch the Pirates on television for the Game of the Week at Forbes Field.   We picked up the telecasts from WJAC Channel 6 in Johnstown.  Johnstown was just outside the  blackout radius.   It was a different matter for the NCAA for the Saturday telecast of college football.  In that game,  home blackouts were non existent.  I remember like it was yesterday these games on TV from Pitt Stadium.

1958-Pitt tied Army at 14;

1960-Pitt tied Michigan State at 7;

1962-Pitt lost to Miami 24 to 14;

1964-Pitt lost to UCLA 17 to 12.

Not good results but they unique to watch.



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