Fran Tarkenton and Minnesota 1966; Harold Stassen

After the Vikings fell to 4-9-1, time had run out for both Fran Tarkenton and Coach Norman Van Brocklin at Minnesota.  The team had gone from 3-11 in its first year to 8-5-1 in 1964.  Hopes were high for 1965 but the team fell to 7-7 and then to the 4-9-1 record in 1966.  After the subject year, the Vikings front office traded Tarkenton to the New York Giants and fired  the Dutchman.   Tarkenton stayed five years with the Giants and Van Brocklin became the Head Coach for the Atlanta Falcons in 1968.

The only bright spot in 1966 was the 20 to 17 victory at Green Bay.  For the third consecutive year, Minnesota had beaten a team in the NFL Championship Game.    The beat both the losers in that game in 1964 and 1965.  This year Green Bay was the winner; this gave the Viks a measure of satisfaction.


I previously mentioned Harold Stassen.  I just wanted to list the offices he held and those positions he tried for both seriously and futilely.  Harold Stassen:

— gave the keynote speech at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia in 1940;

–lost the Republican Presidential Nomination to Thomas  Dewey in 1944;

–served at a delegate to the United Nation Conference at San Francisco in 1945;

–lost the Republican Presidential Nomination to Thomas Dewey in 1948.  The decisive primary was in Oregon where Dewey narrowly defeated him;

–instructed his delegates to support General Eisenhower at the Convention in Chicago in 1952;  this was decisive in turning the nomination away from Senator Robert A. Taft.

In the early fifties Stassen served as President of the University of Pennsylvania and Mutual Security Director for President Eisenhower.

Thereafter Harold Stassen quest for offices turned futile and he became an object of derision.

For the Republican Presidential Nomination-1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000.

Other offices:

Governor of Pennsylvania-1958 and 1966

Mayor of Philadelphia-1959

U.S. Senator from Minnesota-1978

Governor of Minnesota-1982

Representative from Minnesota-1986

Stassen never expressed any desire to form a Third Party.


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