Little Italy Ratings by City

Boston-This enclave is very near the State Capitol;  more formal than in other cities; it no doubt gets urban dwellers, some tourists, and VIPs; the the produce is fresh and eye appealing just like the Reading Terminal; the row homes seem nonexistent; see this one.

New York-This version of Italy is in lower Manhattan; right next to China Town; very commercial with overpriced restaurants and Italian stores; forget this place.

Philadelphia-Okay so I am very biased; to me this Little Italy has everything; there are open air markets with everything from fruits, vegetables, dry goods, fish; excellent cuts of meat; and live chickens, ducks, and rabbits ready for the butcher’s block; wonderful restaurants with prices at least one third less than Center City;  row homes on the next block in all directions; this has a real hometown flavor; tourists should see this Little Italy as well.   Philadelphia, at least in my day,  did not publicize it enough; maybe they wouldn’t like outsiders in their provincial neighborhoods.

Wilmington-This is on Union Street about one mile south of the downtown area; there are a few corner Mom and Pop food stores; enough restaurants to satisfy everyone; row homes comprise most of this Little Italy; no open air markets; this place is well worth a visit.

Baltimore-very near the Inner Harbor; as such , this Little Italy caters to more tourists and VIPs; no open markets just a few stores and row homes in the next block;  I could spend a few hours here as well.


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