Warner Hotel-Harrisburg and 1967 Minnesota Vikings

The Warner Hotel was to Democrats what the Senate was to Republicans.  Also like the Senate, it went downhill in the mid-60s.  Unlike the Senate,  it had a bar that was as seedy as the hotel itself.  I was in there once  and it looked dangerous.  I think the Warner stood there so long because it was on the National Register of Historic Places.  Earlier mentioned was that Charles Dickens stayed at the hotel during his visit  to the United States in 1842.  At that time,  owners called it the Bolton Hotel. It looked as if 1842 was the last time it was renovated.   Mercifully, some company tore it down in the late 1980s and the it  became a parking lot. It was a blight right in Center City.


The Minnesota Vikings hired Bud Grant as head coach and Joe Kapp replaced Fran Tarkenton as the quarterback in subject year.  The Vikings were 3-8-3 but started the move to a dynasty.  Minnesota also eliminated a team from the playoffs just by getting a tie.

Week 5 At Green Bay

The Packers were  three wins and a tie to a drab four losses for Minnesota. The Vikings gave up an 86 yard touchdown pass fr0m Zeke Bratkowski to Carrol Dale and nothing else.  Odd statistics-Minnesota ran for 158 yards to 42 for Green Bay.  GB passed for 240 yards to an unbelievable 25 yards for the Vikings.  Minnesota defeated Green Bay 10 to 7.

Week 6 at home against the Baltimore Colts.

The Colts came in with four wins and a tie.  The Vikings were  1-4. The game statistics were remarkably close,  with a tie at 20.   Baltimore and Los  Angeles  both finished at 11-1-2 in the Coastal Division.  The Rams bested the Colts in head to head competition with a tie and a win.  This tie game in Week 6 kept the Colts from making the playoffs.

Later in 1967,  the Minnesota Vikings came from behind  24 to 7  late in the third quarter and won 27 to 24.


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