Dave Philley-Athletics and Phillies

Earlier mentioned was that Dave Philley was one of the six players who played for both the A’s and Phillies.  Philley was a  clutch hitter,  good defensively in the outfield, and one of the the best pinch-hitters in the history of Major League Baseball.  Philley was a switch hitter who fielded right.  DP played three years for the Athletics from 1951 to 1953.  By far his best season was in 1953.  In that year, Dave Philley:

–lead the National League in games played with 157.  There must have been some ties, requiring replaying the game.  There were 154 games in the season.

–recorded 188 hits,

–hit nine home runs,

–drove in 59 runs,

–batted .309

I don’t know why the Phillies A’s traded him Cleveland.   With  the Indians, he played  in the 1954 World Series.

Dave Philley returned to Philadelphia, this time with the Phillies in 1958. In his two years with the Phillies, Dave Philley was a part time starter and pinch hitter.  Here is  his record.

1958- 3 HRS, 31 RBIS, batting .309,

1959- 7 HRS, 31 RBIS , batting .291,

Dave Philley had 18 pinch hits in 1958,  setting a record with eight consecutive hits. In early 1960, Philadelphia traded him to the San Francisco Giants.

See the many teams DP played for on his internet.  Philley retired after the 1962 season.  In his career, Philley hit 84 HRS, drove in 729 runs and batted  .270.  As a pinch hitter he was 93 for 331 with a sensational .311 batting average.


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