1965 NFL Western Conference-Los Angeles

It all came down to the final weekend  between the Baltimore Colts and the Green Bay Packers for the subject title.    The Packers were 10-3, one half game ahead of the second place Colts, who were 9-3-1.  There many factors and  human interest in this race.  Baltimore was at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Saturday to the 4-9 Rams.   This game was on national television.  On Sunday, the Packers were playing at  San Francisco to play the 7-6 Forty Niners.

The Los Angeles Rams lost nine of their first ten but started to jell the previous three weeks.  Their Fearsome Foursome and Roman Gabriel were looking like champions.

Week 11 at Los Angeles. The Rams were 1-9 and the Green Bay Packers were 8-2.

The Rams held the Packers to 22 yards rushing and scored a safety.  Bruce Gossett kicked four field goals.  Jack Snow and Tommy MacDonald each caught five passes for a total of 151 yards.  The Rams defeated Green Bay 21 to 10.

Week 12 at St Louis.  The Rams were 2-9 and the Cardinals were 5-6.

The Los Angeles defense held St. Louis to 166 total yards.  Roman Gabriel completed 17 of 31 passes for  261 yards.  Dick Bass gained 82 yards rushing.  The Rams defeated the Cardinals 27 to 3.

Week 13 at Los Angeles. The Rams were 3-9 and the Cleveland Browns were 10-2.

Roman Gabriel completed 15 passes for 323 yards and five touchdowns.  On defense, Los Angeles held the mighty Browns to 161 total yards and six first downs.  Jimmy Brown carried 13 times for just 20 yards.  Tommy McDonald for the Rams caught six passes for an even 200 yards and three touchdowns. The Rams buried Cleveland 42 to 7.

On the last weekend the 4-9 Los Angeles hosted the 9-3-1 Baltimore Colts. It was a Saturday afternoon game on national television for CBS.

The Rams lost this game and Baltimore stayed alive for the Western Conference Championship. I was sorry the Rams lost but it the game winning streak was a prelude to the future.





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