Elmer Valo-With Athletics and Phillies

Most of Elmer Valo’s 20 year career was as a regular in the Philadelphia Athletics lineup.  In later years, Valo was a part time starter and pinch hitter.  He played for the Athletics from 1941 to 1955, this last year in Kansas City.

–In 1949, Valo hit two bases loaded doubles and one bases loaded triple;  as might be expected he drove in three runs each time;  played in 150 games; and drove in a career high 85 runs.

–In 1950, Elmer Valo hit 10 home runs, his best in that category.

–In 1951, he hit three home runs in one game.

Elmer Valo hit over .300 four times in Philadelphia.  His best year for hitting  was in Kansas City in 1955.  Valo got 103 hits for a .364 batting average with three home runs 37 runs batted in.

In 1956, Valo returned to Philadelphia as a Philley and batted .289.  After that,  he played with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Minnesota Twins, the New York Yankees, and the Cleveland Indians.  For his 20 years in Major League Baseball Elmer hit 58 home runs, drove in 601,  and batted .282.  He holds a strange record in the number of pinch hit walks with 94.


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