2012-Giants and Bucs Win Should Have Been Easier

Week 4 Giants at Lincoln Financial Field

At the very end of the first half, Eagles Brandon Hughes just missed an interception in the End Zone.   The Giants got a field goal to narrow the score 7 to 3 at halftime. A first half shut out would have been a real boost.

New York, early in the third quarter, could not stop the running of Shady McCoy.   The Eagles had a first and goal at the Giants two.  Suddenly, New York found a way to stop the entire team and Philadelphia got only a field goal.

Instead of leading 14 to 0, it was only 10 to 3.  I felt these two missed opportunities would really hurt as the game went on.  The Eagles hung on to win 19 to 17.

Week 13 at Tampa Bay

The Philadelphia played a solid first half and lead 10 to 0 at halftime.  However, in the third quarter,  DaMaris  Johnson fumbled a punt return at the Eagle ten.  The Buccaneers recovered and scored a touchdown and it was now 10 to 7. This changed the momentum of the game.

There were two other plays that the Eagles botched but I am, of course, not certain of how they affected the outcome.  Alex Henry missed a 31 yard field goal attempt and the score held at 10 to 7.   Later in the game the Eagles scored a touchdown and now trailed 21 to 16.  Nick Foles couldn’t quite get the ball to a wide open Deoin Lewis in the End Zone for the two point conversion.   

The punt return though was the only one that really hurt.  The Eagles won on the last play, 23 to 21.  This broke the eight game losing streak.  Both Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant made some great catches in this one.


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