1962 and 1964 Chicago Bears at Batimore Colts

The games at Baltimore, two years apart, shows how teams can really change.

1962-Bears Quarterback Bill Wade completed 23 of 32 passes for 328 yards and three touchdowns.  Angelo Coia caught six passes for 128 yards and two touchdowns.  The Bears defensive line sacked Johnny Unitas five times for 41 yards in losses.  Chicago gained 505 total yards to just 118 and 10 first downs for the Colts.  Bears 57 Colts 0.   Chicago finished at 9-5 to 7-7 for Baltimore.

1964-Unitas this time was 11 for 13 for 247 and three touchdowns.  He really made the most of 11 completions.  Joe Don Looney, for one the few times in career, showed how good he could be. JDL carried just eight times but gained 82 yards and scored a touchdown.  Hall of Fame end Raymond Berry caught four passes for 98 yards and a touchdown.  Somehow amidst this disaster, two pass receivers for the Bears turned in great performances. 

–Mike Ditka-six passes for 106 yards

–Johnny Morris-seven passes for 83 yards

Colts 52 Bears 0.   Colts finished 12-2 to 5-9 for Chicago. 


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