Chuck Noll-1969 First Year with the Steelers

When Chuck Noll came to Pittsburgh, both and the team asked for patience.  The Steelers were 2-12 in 1965 and 2-11-1 in 1968 so losing was a real habit.  The Steelers won the first game with the Detroit at Pitt Stadium 16 to 13. Then came 13 consecutive losses.  There were, however, five very close games. A good placekicker would have helped.

Week 4 at Yankee Stadium vs. the New York Giants.

With no score in the first period a Pittsburgh drive ended at the New York  13. Gene Mingo missed at 20 yard field goal.  New York scored a touchdown and led 7 to 0.  Late in the second quarter, the Giants held on downs at their own three.  NY  led 7 to 0 at halftime.  Had the Steelers made two field goals, the halftime score would of course been 7 to 6. The game would have been much different. Giants 10 Steelers 7

Week 6 at Pitt Stadium vs the Washington Redskins

Gene Mingo missed three field goals.  Time expired at the Redskin 15.  A victory over a team coach by Vince Lombardi would have been very satisfying.  Final Redskins 14 Steelers 7.

Week 7 at Pitt Stadium vs the Green Bay Packers

With two minutes remaining Pittsburgh was leading the GB Packers 34 to 31.   Pittsburgh punted on fourth and one at their own 42.  I felt they should have gone for the first down.  Green Bay went right downfield.  Packers 38 Steelers 34.

Week 12 at Pitt Stadium vs the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas was 11-2-1 during the regular season.  For Pittsburgh to hold them this close was amazing.  Cowboys 10 Steelers 7

Week 14 at the Sugar Bowl vs the New Orleans Saints

This season ending game showed that the Steelers had a long way to go.  They put together two brilliant drives in the first quarter.    Eros Gros capped them with touchdown runs of seven and eight yards.  This must have been great for this Louisiana State running back. Pittsburgh started a third drive which suddenly stalled at the Saint 13.  Gene Mingo of course missed a 20 yard field goal and Pittsburgh collapsed after that.  Final Saints 27 Steelers 24.


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