Senator Jacob Javits on the One Time Nature of Political Parties

There are wings within both the Republican and Democratic Parties that have more in common with each other than with their parent parties.  The wings therefore should be detached and recombined to form two new parties.  One would include all Liberals and the other would include all Conservatives.  If this done, so the idea goes,  many benefits would follow.  The two new “pure” parties would be free of dissenters who would now force the Republican and Democratic Parties into  internal compromise. { I AM NOT CERTAIN WHAT HE MEANS HERE BY THE LAST PART OF THE PRECEDING SENTENCE BY FORCING THE PARTIES INTO INTERNAL COMPROMISE.} In their platforms and choice of candidates, therefore the “pure” parties and choice of candidates, therefore, the “pure” parties would present voters with clear-cut alternatives.  The voters, on their part, being presented with such choices, would come to the polls in far greater numbers than they do now.  The victorious candidates themselves, once in office, would know that they had a clear mandate to do what was set forth in the party platform, and could be clearly judged depending on whether or not they remained faithful to that platform and they results they produced through it.

Listened to from afar, the idea has the solid, common sense ring of a maxim.  Examined close in, it had the dull thud of a cracked drum.  To be continued


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