Three More Good Hitting Pitchers

Don Drysdale

For his career, DD hit 29 home runs, drove in 113, and batted only .186.  He did have some bad seasons at home plate.

1958-hit seven home runs with a batting average of .227; had 15 hits in 66 at bats.

1961-hit five home runs  with a batting average .193; had 16 hits in 83 at bats.

1965-great hitting season coupled with a 23-12 pitching record; good justification for MVP; hit seven home runs, drove in 19; got 39 hits in 130 at bats for an even .300 batting average.


Don Larsen

DL had a losing lifetime pitching record of 81-91; his best season was 1956 with an 11-5 record;  his capped this season of course by pitching a perfect game in the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers; it was the fifth game of the series at Yankee Stadium.  Larsen’s record as a hitter was quite impressive; he hit 14 home runs, drove in 72, and batted .242.  His best hitting seasons were as follows:

1958-hit four home runs and drove in 13; Larsen went 15 for 75 in hitting for a rousing .306 batting average.

1961-Don Larsen started  this season with the Kansas City A’s and and was traded to the Chicago White Sox.  Larsen hit two home runs and had  14 hits in 45 at bats; this was good for a .311 batting average.


Bob Gibson

Lifetime Bob Gibson hit 24 home runs, batted in 144, and hit .206.  He was a tremendous athlete.

1965-Gibson hit five home runs, drove 19, and batted .240.

1970-Won the Cy Young Award with a 23-7 record.  His pitching and hitting made him a valid pick for MVP.  Gibson hit two home runs and drove in 19;  had a batting average of .303 going 33 for 109.

1972-Batted only .194 getting 20 hits in 103 at bats;  but Gibson hit five home runs and drove in 12.


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