Bud Grant and Minnesota Vikings 1968

I have talked about coaches that did not improve much in the first year   Now let’s talk about three new choices that made a difference quickly.  In Bud Grant’s second year as Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, the team went from 3-8-3 to 8-6.  This was the best Viking record in four years.  The Vikings beat the weaker and average teams but had trouble with the better ones.  Note the following :

Lost at home to the Los Angeles Rams  (10- 3-1) ;  31 to 3.

Lost at Baltimore Colts (13-1) ; 21 to 9.

Lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys (12-2); 20 to 7.

The Vikings got revenge against the Atlanta Falcons the first game of 1968.   The Falcons (1-12-1 in 1967)  got that one victory against the Vikings 21 to 20.  Today it was Minnesota all the way.  Joe Kapp completed 16 of 20 passes for 191 yards and three touchdowns.  Halfback Clint Jones carried 17 times for 101 yards.  Bill Brown caught six passes for 65 yards and a touchdown.  Atlanta turned the ball over three times.   Minnesota 47 Atlanta 7.


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