1970 Low Point for Tom Landry

Nine games into the subject season,  I felt that Tom Landry was on the edge of desperation.  The Dallas Cowboys were 5-4 and at times they looked  like a mediocre ball club.  The winning defenses dished out some severe slugs to both Craig Morton and Roger Staubach in the games below.

Week 5 at Minnesota; Lost 54 to 13.

How misleading some facts can be.  The Cowboys outgained the Vikings in yardage 268 to 258; but the Purple People Eaters recorded four sacks for 33 yards in losses and  intercepted four passes for 129 yards in returns.

Week 6 St Louis at home; Lost 38 to 0

The Cardinals got four sacks for 37 yards in losses; intercepted four passes; and recovered two fumbles.   St Louis had a great ground and return game.

–Johnny Roland had three touchdown runs-a 74 yard punt return and two other short runs;

–John Gilliam ran 48 yards for a touchdown; and finally

–Roy Shivers ran 29 yards for a touchdown

However in 1970, the Dallas began an often repeated trend of an average start and a great ending.  The Cowboys won five in a row to finish 10-4 atop of the NFC East.  They defeated the Detroit Lions 5 to 0 and the San Francisco 49ers 17 to 10.    The Baltimore Colts defeated the Cowboys in the Super Bowl 16 to 13.  The Cowboys went to the Super Bowl despite a lower regular season the previous two years.

1968 12-2

1969 11-2-1


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