Van Brocklin Revenge at Atlanta Over the Eagles

Earlier noted were Norm Van Brocklin’s two revenge wins over the Philadelphia Eagles as Coach of the Minnesota Vikings.  Van Brocklin expected the Eagles to name him Head Coach after his retirement in 1960.    The Vikings defeated Philadelphia 31 to 21 in 1962 in Minneapolis.  The following year the Vikings won 34 to 13 at Franklin Field.  NVB got also two wins over the Eagles while he was in Atlanta.   Both games were at Philadelphia.  The Eagles moved to Veterans Stadium in 1971.

1969 Week 13

The Eagles were 4-7-1 and Atlanta 4-8.

George Mira and Norm Snead were horrible at quarterback and threw three interceptions.  Falcon Bob Berry threw three touchdown passes. Paul Flatley caught four passes for 120 yards and one touchdown.  Ken Reaves intercepted three passes.  Atlanta easily won 27 to 3.

Atlanta finished at 6-8.  The Eagles lost their last four games and were 4-9-1.

1973 Week 9

The Eagles were 3-4-1 and Atlanta 5-3.

The game was tied at 20 after three quarters.  Just into the fourth, Atlanta punter John James put the ball out of  bounds at the Eagle two.  After that,  the Eagles collapsed and lost 44 to 27.  The Eagles put up some good numbers. Roman Gabriel completed 21 of 33 passes for 221 yards and three touchdowns.  Harold Carmichael caught six passes for 105 yards and a touchdown.  

Atlanta was 9-5 and Philadelphia 5-8-1.


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