Don Shula 1970-First Year in Miami I

After leaving Baltimore in 1969, Don Shula immediately  got the head coaching job at Miami with the Dolphins.  Here he brought even quicker success than he did at Baltimore.  The Miami Dolphins went 10-4 in 1970 and made the playoffs.  Here was their record since inception:

1966 3-11-0

1967 4-10-0

1968 5-8-1

1969 3-10-1

The Fins beat both teams that went to the AFC Title game, the Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Colts.  The season was in three segments.  The first was a 4-1 start with a big win over the Oakland Raiders.  It was in game three at Miami.  The Dolphins were 1-1 to the Raiders 0-1-1.

Paul Warfield caught three passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns.  Garo Yepremian kicked field goals of 40 and 47 yards.   Dolphins DB Curtis Johnson intercepted two passes for 26 yards in returns.  The Dolphins won despite getting only seven first downs.  Dolphins 20 Raiders 13.


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