Don Shula-First Year in Miami-III

After that three week scoring drought which left them at 4-4, the Dolphins won six in a row to finish 10-4.  This was one and a half games behind the first place Baltimore Colts.  The Miami Dolphins were the AFC Wild Card team.  By far, the biggest win in these six weeks was the 34 to 17 game over the Baltimore Colts at home.  This in part was a counter dart to the 35 to 0 loss earlier at Baltimore.

The game was in week 10.  The Colts came in at 7-1-1 to the Dolphins 5-4.  Miami got four turnovers to none for Baltimore.  Jack Scott returned an interception 77 yards for a touchdown.  In losing effort, Tom Nowatzke caught eight for 47 yards.

The Dolphins, in Shula’s first year,  went from 3-10-1 to 10-4.  They lost the first round of the playoffs to the Oakland Raiders.  Even so, Don Shula was building a dynasty.  The Dolphins, at home both times, defeated  teams that were in the AFC Championship Game; Oakland 20 to 13 and Baltimore mentioned above.  The Colts won the Super Bowl  so, to be redundant, Miami added a great script to 1970.   


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