Dallas 1960-1961 Tom Landry vs the Giants

Tom Landry was able to get some satisfaction from his first two rather dismal years with the expansion team, the Dallas Cowboys.  He was a great defensive backfield coach with the New York Giants but did not get the head job there, which he really wanted.  The Cowboys were 0-11-1 his first year but their tie came with the Giants.  In 1961, he defeated New York.  The Giants were in the middle their dynasty which lasted from 1956 to 1963.   Defeating the Giants in that time frame was no small accomplishment.  Both of these games were at Yankee Stadium.

1960-The tie at 31.  Eddie LeBaron for Dallas was 17 for 35 for 267 yards and three touchdowns.  HOF end Billy Howton caught six passes for 78 yards and a touchdown.  The Giants finish third in 1960 at 6-4-2.

1961-The Cowboys won 17 to 16.  That shrimp did it once again.  Le Baron completed 15 of 28 passes for 207 yards and touchdown.  Don Perkins gained 80 yards.  This victory gave the Cowboys a 4-3 record.  However, they lost all of their remaining games except for one tie.  The New York Giants won the Eastern Conference at 10-3-1.  


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