Cowboys and Forty Niners 1963

In 1963 Tom Landry had to be disappointed and it was a low point in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys went from 5-8-1 in 1962 to 4-10 in 1963;  the dynasty would not begin until 1966.  The low point of the season was the 31 to 24 loss to the San Francisco 49ers who were awful at 2-12.  The only bright light to the 49ers’ season was the 20 to 14 win over the Chicago Bears.  This was the Bears only loss for the year.  Chicago was 11-1-2 and defeated the New York Giants 14 o 10 for the NFL Championship.   Here were the two SF victories;  both were in SF.

Week Six.  The Bears won their first five games and SF was perfect in reverse.

San Francisco-J.D. Smith gained 93 yards in 17 carries.  The big statistic for SF was three pass interceptions-by Kermit Alexander, Elbert Kimbrough, and Ed Pine.

Bears-Bill Wade and Rudy Buchick  combined completed  26 of 40 passes for 243 yards and a touchdown.  Johnny Morris caught six passes for 107 yards.

Final-49ers 20 Bears 14

Week Nine.  Dallas came in at 2-6 and to 1-7  San Francisco.  After this game their records would be the same.

San Francisco-Lamar McHan completed 15 of 25 passes for 248 yards and three touchdowns.  Don Lisbon caught five passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns.  The difference in this game was the 49ers getting five sacks for  41 yards in losses.

Dallas-Don Meredith lit up the sky. He completed 30 of 48 passes for 360 yards and three touchdowns.  Here were the catching totals for the Cowboys:

Frank Clarke caught eight passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns,

Lee Folkins caught seven passes for 112 yards,

Bill Howton caught eight passes for 108 yards and two touchdowns.

Final-49ers 31 Cowboys 24.


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