Shady McCoy vs the New York Giants

In his four years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Shady McCoy has turned in some great performances against the subject team .  Marring two of them was settling for a field goal when the Eagles should have made seven.  Here are his big games against the Giants:

2009 at the Link

A 66 yard touchdown run in the middle of the fourth quarter locked the game.  Philadelphia defeated New York 40 to 17 despite giving away a touchdown with a fumble.

2010 at the Link

Shady took that famous pitch out from Mike Vick and ran 50 yards for a touchdown; also caught five passes for 29 yards.  Eagles  won 27 to 17.

2011 at the Link

A great performances for McCoy  but one series turned the game in the wrong direction. The Eagles, trailing 16 to 14,  settled for a field goal after getting a first and goal at the NY two.  The Eagles 16 to 14 score was a short lived lead.  The Eagles deflated after that and lost 29 to 16.  McCoy gained 128 yards on 24 carries but two more yards might have made the difference in the entire season.  

at Met Life

Shady gained 113 yards on 23 carries.  A 60 yard run to the New York two put the game away.  The Eagles correctly chose to burn the clock rather than score a touchdown.  Eagles 17 Giants 10.

2012 at the Link

McCoy carried 23 times for 123 yards.  Early in the third quarter, with the Eagles leading 7 to 3, he ran 34 yards to the New York two.  Once again, the Eagles had to settle for a field goal and fortunately this did not cost us the game.  Eagles 19 Giants 17.


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