Washington Redskins Over Dallas in 1995-Twice

Norv Turner, in his second year as head coach at Washington,  was 6-10.  This doubled the record from the previous year of 3-13.  The Dallas Cowboys were 12-4 and went on the win the Superbowl.  That 27 to 17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers was their third Super Bowl Trophy in four years.  The Redskins fans had something to cheer about as well.  The Redskins defeated their Arch Rival Dallas twice.

This was the first time in 12 years for twin victories for Old DC.   Running Back Terry Allen and a defensive back starred in both games.

Week 5  at home

Terry Allen carried 30 for 121 yards and a touchdown.  He also caught four passes for 34 yards and a touchdown.  DB Tom Carter returned an interception 34 yards.  Redskins 27 Cowboys 23.

Week 5  at Dallas

Terry Allen carried 25 times for 98 yards and two touchdown.  DB Stanley Richards returned an interception 24 yards.   Redskins 24 Cowboys 17.


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