Tasteless Joe Kuarich after a Shutout Win

Recall an article on the best Thanksgiving Day in Detroit.  Philadelphia won 12 to 0.  After that muddy and soggy  game, Eagles coach Joe Kuharich met the press.  He was relaxing with a Coke not Champagne.  As a matter of fact, the entire team was more relieved than happy.  It is always good to get your first victory-even after 11 losses.   Kuharich stated the victory over the Detroit Lions proved the Philadelphia Eagles could be a winning team.    He pointed to two closes along those 11 weeks.  The Philadelphia reporters were hostile and rightly so with statements like this and the performance in 1968.  The game was fun to watch as players skidded, splashed in puddles, dropped wet footballs, and got thick coatings of mud their jerseys.  Coming down to reality consider this:

–The Deriot Lions coming in to game were 3-6-2 and had four losses and two ties in the last six weeks;

–The two close losses were both on the road, 6 to 3 at Pittsburgh and 7 to 6 at Yankee Stadium vs the Giants.  That year the Steelers were 2-11-1 and New York was 7-7.  Hardly strong opponents;

–Philadelphia had gotten much worse over a three year span.  From 9-5 in 1966 to 6-7-1 in 1967 to 2-12  in 1968.

It is a shame Joe Kuharich was so mouthy because he ignored some positive things:

–The Eagles did win getting a shut out on national television;  it was also with very muddy, soggy, and rainy conditions;

–Tom Woodeshick with good steady running gained 79 yards;

–Placekicker Sam Baker and holder Joe Scarpati showed great precision considering the slimy field.  Baker booted one field goal in each quarter for all of the scoring.  Final Again Eagles 12 Lions 0;

–Somewhere between the first and fourth field goal, Sam Baker became the second highest scorer in NFL History;

–Dave Lloyd and Floyd Peters, with the aid of the bad weather, completely shut down the Lions running attack; and

–Nate Ramsey, Al Nelson, and Harold Wells each intercepted a pass.

Joe Kuarich chose to complain instead.


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