Eagles 33 Redskins 27

Every win is a great one.  There was seldom a better first half with the one major mistake.  DeAngelo Hall returning that lateral 75 yards for a touchdown. This happened because of a miscommunication between Micheal Vick and his receiver.  In addition, players should cover ball on that type of play.  You can’t  tell if it is a forward pass or lateral.   Good slick play for one half.   The fumble did not deflate the Birds at all and that is a very good sign.

The Coaches and Players will have to determine the reason for the downgrade in the second frame.  These were plays that determined the outcome.

1. Holding Washington on fourth and ten from the Eagle 34.  This was with nine minutes remaining in the game.

2. Micheal Vick running for almost 40 yards to get good field position.

3. Jason Avant’s fumble at the Eagle 15 which basically gave the Redskins a touchdown.

4. Jason Avant recovering the onside kick at the end of game.

If the Eagles had not made the first and second half fumbles detailed above the game would have been a route.  I like routes allot.


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