Washington and Dallas-From the Start

As the mascots’ names imply, this rivalry, even when teams were bad,  began in 1960.  The Dallas Cowboys, in their first year,  were winless;  only a tie with the New York Giants, 31 to 31 at Yankee Stadium, prevented them from being a perfect team in reverse.   The tie was a sort of victory  for Tom Landry.  He was a player and then a defensive coach for the Giants for many years.  The Washington Redskins were 1-9-2 with their only victory being against Dallas.

Week 2 brought Dallas into Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.   Both the Redskins and the Washington Senators would play at DC Stadium the following year.   This was a homecoming for Eddie LeBaron.  This 5’7″ shrimp was the Redskins Quarterback for many years.  He did well, was the team spark, and a real favorite of the fans. However, after 1959 the Redskins management though he was too old.  His height was also a handicap with the growing size of defensive linemen.   The Dallas Cowboys claimed him in the expansion draft.

Today,  Eddie Le Baron was 21 for 37 for 296 yards and two touchdowns.   Jim Doran caught seven passes for 134 yards.  Hurting the Cowboys and Le Baron was  a nonexistent ground game and a constant come from behind mode.  The Redskins intercepted three passes. Linebacker Ron Breedlove returned his pick 32 yards.  On offense for the Skins,  Ralph Guglielmi went 10 for 16 for 237 yards and one touchdown.  Rookie placekicker Bob Khayat kicked four field goals.       

Washington played a steady offense, good defense, and as mentioned,  had a good kicking game.  This loss really must have hurt Eddie Le Baron. The game was not close. Redskins 26 Cowboys 14.    


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