Losing to Chargers 33 to 30

This past week I was urging fans not to become overly satisfied by the 33 to 27 victory over the Washington Redskins.  After all, the DC team came back with three touchdowns in a situation that made them vulnerable to interceptions.   The Eagles defense virtually ignored the ground game as time wore on with that 33 to 7 lead.  Even so, the Redskins scored three quick touchdowns.

Unfortunately, my fears were justified. The defense yesterday was as bad as I have ever seen; and my memory is churning back more than 40 years.  Stops were the exception; there was no pass rush except for two or three plays.  The defensive linemen not showing up put pressure on the backfield.   Those guys also were just plain flimsy even considering the pass rush, or its absence.

The media and players will tell us how good the offense was; and that’s not true either.  At least twice on first and goal inside the San Diego ten, the Eagles settled for field goals.  There were two misfired passes, one dropped and one overthrown, that cost at least 30 yards each.  Alex Henry missed a 30 yard field goal.   Penalties negated big gains.  No offense can make mistakes on this scale and comprise their half of a winning team.  Coupling this offense with the defensive performance yesterday and wins will really be a novelty.

I could be more precise with this analysis but it hurts too much to look at the rewind.  More later.


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