Rapid Huddle Offense

Many people are talking about how good the offense has been in these first two games.   As stated in the previous article, I do not buy that entirely. The Philadelphia Eagles have scored despite the Red Zone failures last week.  There are two critical shortcomings to this hurry huddle offense.

All of us know that clock management is important to the game.  Teams talk of moving the football and “getting the defense off the field.”  Playing defense takes 25% more energy than offense.  Let’s be more specific.  Things change in the last five minutes of both the second and fourth quarter.  For the remaining 50 minutes here it is.  When your team is ahead or tied try to burn as much time off the clock as possible.   Chip Kelly’s offense does not do this.  In last Sunday’s game the Chargers time of possession was 41 minutes.  That’s way too much time for the defense to be playing.

In this situation, there are number of per-determined calls.  Players drill them into heads and memory bank continually.  The game itself has  continuous pressure that never lets up until the final gun.   Every player has bumps, bruises, muscle stretches, and plays in pain.  Head injuries are of course the biggest  problem.  Coupling physical pain with emotional pressure makes forgetfulness at times inevitable..

These points have to be considered with Chip Kelley’s offense.


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