2012-Not the Reson for Andy Reid’s Firing

Since the Super Bowl in 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles played 142 games, 135 for the Regular season and seven from the Playoffs.  Had the Eagles won all or even some of  six of the 142,  Andy Reid would have had a more winning tradition.  With more trophies on the wall,  Reid could have pointed to past success, asked for patience, and tried to rebuild once again.  Of course what might have been is always a wild pitch.  Nevertheless, it has been bugging historians and writers for centuries.  Here are the games. Let’s think about them and I will go into more detail later.

Game 1-The 2008 NFC Championship Game Loss at Arizona 33 to 25;

Game 2-The 2009 Loss at Oakland 13 to 9;

Game 3-The 2009 Loss at Philadelphia to Dallas 20 to 16;

Game 4-The 2010 Loss at Philadelphia to Washington 17 to 12;

Game 5-The 2010 Playoff at Philadelphia to Green Bay 21 to 16;

Game 6-The Eagles were 8-8.  Of the eight losses six were close.  One more win might have made them what the 9-7 New York Giants were in 2012.


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