Schlitz Beer

Schiltz was a nationally known beer and a big seller in Philadelphia.   Headquartered  in Milwaukee, it had at one time eight regional locations across the United States.  Drinkers could get Schlitz at any neighborhood tavern or fancy restaurant.   Labeled smartly, bottles had a brown background and the name written in white on the front.  I liked it because the foam looked good in a glass and was somehow well controlled.  Bartenders or servers had far less chance of the beer spilling over.

That’s why I never understood why owners seldom had the beer on draft.  As an example, the defunct Cedar Cafe at Bridge and Pratt did most if its business  in tap.  Three sets of spigots contained eight different brands of draft.  The cafe sold Schiltz,  Budweiser, and Rolling Rock in bottles.

There were three advertising slogans and a song.

–The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous simply because it tastes so good;

–Schiltz, Milwaukee, and the World;

–When You’re out of Schlitz, You’re Out of Beer.

The Song:

Let’s get together with a glass of Schlitz, A friendly glass of Schlitz. Brewed with pride and just a kiss of the hops, To put real gusto into every drop. So let’s get together with a glass of Schlitz, A friendly glass of Schlitz. Real gusto in a great, light beer.

Schiltz joined the Light Beer market right after Miller’s and Budweiser.  As an indirect reference to both companies it stated  “…It took Schlitz to bring the taste to Light” Schiltz Brewing Company also sold Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light.  That working class city has a rich history.  Hence the commercial stated…”It has a Taste as Great as its Name.”

Anheuser Busch, Miller’s, Pabst, Coor’s have eliminated and bought out Schlitz and other beers.


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