Loss to Denver and Big at 52 to 20-Andy Reid

The Philadelphia Eagles took an obvious pounding yesterday.  Late in the third quarter Troy Aikman said it well.  The Eagles play was so bad that nobody on the field looked as though they wanted to be there.

There were three series in the first half that were critical in this awful game.

1) and 2).  Philadelphia settled  for field goals when behind by 7 to 0 and again by 14 to 3.  The score was 14 to 6 rather than tied.

3) The press was on Chip Kelley for punting late in the first half with fourth down on the Denver 40 and the Eagles behind 14 to 13.  They said that Peyton Manning and Company might get a quick score.  That is of course exactly what happened.  It was still logical for the Eagles to punt.  No good coach, especially in the first half,  makes a decision based on a refusal to challenge his defense.  That is too critical to victory against any team.

Next week at New York better be a victory.  The Philadelphia fans are getting restless, and right so.


Andy Reid at Kansas City is 4-0.  At Philadelphia in 1999, he did not get his fourth win until the 15th game.   It was a 24 to 9 great defensive effort over the New England Patriots.  The Eagles also won their the last game  38 to 31 over the St Louis Rams.  Though it was a great win, the Rams were coasting on their way to a Super Bowl victory, 23 to 16 over the Tennessee Titans.   The Rams had the BYE week and the home advantage locked up before the game.  Andy Reid will improve by a wide margin over his first year at Philadelphia. The final two games of 1999 were at Veterans Stadium.


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