Game With Giants on Sunday

Thanks to the losses to both the Chargers and Chiefs, the Eagles already have got themselves in a hole. The game at Met Life in 2012 was the last of the season.   I hoped  that the team might rally around Andy Reid for his last game as Head Coach.  Even before the game,  I knew this was unlikely.  From midway in the second quarter until the end, I spent the time cleaning the house.  When games are a route from start, virtually all of the scoring takes place in the first half; this game was no exception.  The New York Giants led 35 to 7 at halftime and it 42 to 7 at the end.  It was boring.

Last year was the first game in five years where the Giants defeat the Eagles in New Jersey.  Previously mentioned was that since 2006,  New York has started strong and tailed off.  This year if NY tails off they will not win any games.  Look:

2006-started 6-2 and finished 2-6 for an 8-8 season; lost the Wild Card Game to the Eagles 23 to 20.

2007-started 6-2 and finished at 4- 4; 10-6 record was  good for a Wild Card which led to a 17 to 14 victory over the undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

2008-great 11-1 start; lost three of the last four to finish 12-4; lost their first playoff game to the Eagles 23 to 11 at home.

2009-started 5-0 and fizzled at 3-8 thereafter; lost the last two games 41 to 9 to Carolina and 44 to 7 to Minnesota; 8-8 record

2010-started 6-2 and a 4-4 finish; a 10-6 record but no playoffs.

2011-started at 6-2; lost five out of six and four straight; won the last two to finish 9-7;  good for a Wild Card which led to a 21 to 17 victory over the New England Patriots.

2012-started at 6-2; lost five of the next seven; won the final game with the Eagles; 9-7 record was the same as the year before but no playoffs.


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