Cincinnati Bengals 1979 II

Two weeks after the Pittsburgh game, the Bengals turned in another great performance, this time against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Birds were 11-5 that year with one playoff victory.  They came into River Front Stadium with a 6-2 record matched to the Tigers at 1-7.  Today the CBs used sacks, four turnovers, and two running backs for an easy victory.  Cincinnati pulled the strings right from the start.  The score was 17 to 3 after one quarter.  Only a touchdown pass from reserve QB John Walton to Harold Carmichael with 30 seconds left gave the Eagles some self respect.  Key Points:

–Archie Griffin carried six times for 103 yards and caught four passes for 50 yards and one touchdown;

–Pete Johnson carried 24 times for 86 yards and one touchdown and caught three passes for 27 yards and a touchdown;

–The Bengals sacked Ron Jaworski four times for 34 yards in losses;

–Cincinnati got four turnovers and gave up nothing;

–Jim Browner ran 15 yards after an interception-this was one of the four turnovers;

–Philadelphia had only 73 rushing yards.

The Bengals had the Eagles from the coin flip.  Bengals 37  Eagles 13.

This was the second of the two high points in 1979.  Overall the team was 4-12.


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