Don’t Look Past Tampa; the Blast Furnance

Among other elements,  factories need iron ore, coke, and air to operate.    Workers have to stoke the furnace constantly even during slack or idle periods.   It takes a long time for the furnace to reach the required temperature after being shut down or maintaining only a low heat.  Companies will not meet orders on time or may turn out a flawed product to meet deadlines.

It is the same way in professional football.  A team must have great players who constantly work hard and maintain focus on the next game.  Over confident players don’t work hard, spare their bodies during practice, and look past the next game.  Then in the first quarter against that mediocre team, strange things happen.  Their team  isn’t coordinated and they have no momentum.  The defense is vulnerable especially against ground game and can’t get off the field.  Runners can’t see holes and wind up gaining only one or two yards.  Quarterbacks miss receivers and  those receivers drop passes.  As the game progresses, the other guys’  defense begins recording sacks.

From the start the team not focused changes its outlook;  the realize the supposedly weaker team could defeat them.  Nevertheless, due to a lack of preparedness, it takes too long to jell.  They finally do click but it is simply too late and they lose the game.  This happened to the Philadelphia Eagles in  the;

–13 to 13 tie with the lowly Cincinnati Bengals in 2008;

–33 to 25 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Title Game in the same year and;

–13 to 9 loss to the Oakland Raiders in 2009.

Let it not be with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013.


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