Philadelphia Defeats Tampa 31 to 20

A tremendous victory in Tampa Bay yesterday. The second half interception by Patrick Chung was big. The Eagles were trailing 17 to 14 at the time and this halted a drive which could have cliched the game for Tampa. There were two sore spots:

1. Shady McCoy had a great day and is the best halfback in the NFL. His fumble in the first quarter though really deflated the team. They were moving the ball with both barrels blazing having scored a touchdown on the previous drive for the 7 to 0 score. Let’s say you subscribe to the theory of big play or series turning the entire game. A 14 to 0 lead may have opened the floodgates to a route.

2. That was a great effort downing the ball at the Buccaneer’s two on the punt with the score 21 to 17 favoring the Birds. But the Bucs really pushed the Eagles around on a 96 yard drive. Philadelphia held at the two and their lead melted down to 21 to 20 with a field goal. The defense has to look at the ugly factors involved in this drive. I was all set to either get good field position, a turnover, or a sack. If this type of thing happens, the Eagles will not win many games.

Sportscasters have said the Eagles have to rest Shady McCoy to assure he will be ready for the playoffs. Only a half truth there. I say Philadelphia has to win by the biggest margin possible to put him an other starters on the bench with a win assured. Winning is not enough.


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