Vs Steelers in 1964 and Vs Cowboys in 2011

Earlier mentioned was in 2011, the Eagles came one play short in each game of a double shutout. The final scores-At LFF, Eagles 34 Cowboys 7; at Dallas-Eagles 20 Cowboys 7. The last time the Eagles came close to two shutouts against the same team was in 1964 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Game 4 at Franklin Field

Norman Snead threw two touchdown passes. The big stars in this game were Tim Brown and Pete Retzlaff.

Tim Brown-gained 116 yards on 16 carries; caught two touchdown passes, one for 23 yards and the other for 87 yards; a great one man show.

Earl Gros carried 19 times for 129 yards.

These two runners ripped apart the Steelers’ defensive line; with Tim Brown’s touchdown pass receptions, the Pittsburgh defensive backfield looked bad as well.

Late in the game Pete Retzlaff caught a pass on his own 30 line and fumbled. Defensive Back Jim Bradshaw recovered the fumble and ran 34 yards for a touchdown.

Final Eagles 21 Steelers 7.

Game 7 at Pitt Stadium

This play was in the first quarter. From the Steeler 30, Clarence Peaks cleverly stepped through two Eagle tacklers and ran 70 yards for a touchdown. This was the longest run of the season for Pittsburgh. In the third quarter, QB Ed Brown passed 58 yards to Gary Ballman this set up a 13 yard field goal. Besides these two plays, the Steelers did nothing.

Former Steeler Red Mack caught three passes from Norm Snead for 104 yards and a touchdown. Irv Cross return a pass interception 94 yards for a touchdown.

Final Eagles 34 Steelers 10


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