York and Lancaster

York is the White and Lancaster the Red Rose City. This refers to two prominent factions that fought in England.

Lancaster is at the Junction of 283 and 30. The are the railroad routes for both the Harrisburg-Philadelphia Express and the Broadway Limited Passenger Trains ending in New York. Fans here mostly route for the Phillies and Eagles. The downtown department store was Watt and Shand. I would appreciate knowing what is in its place.

York is on the Intersection of 83 and 30, 25 miles to Harrisburg and 40 miles to Baltimore. The Yorktown Inn has been the center of downtown activity for over 70 years. The William Penn Hotel in the town center was standing closed and spooky. At one time, there was rail service between Harrisburg and Baltimore with a stop in York. There should be again. The city council used downtown closed department store, The Bon Town, in a novel manner. It has mannikins of several of our Founding Fathers in its windows.


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