Moderate to Progressive Republican Soften the Defeat; 49 to 20 over the Raiders

The big lesson I learned from Sunday’s win; the defense tires out in additional ways other than playing time. Just by scoring, scoring, and scoring, a the other guys offense has less options. This makes defense even more still important but much easier.

In 1972, President Nixon won 49 states losing only Massachusetts. These four Senators won re-election but two things are important. They ran ahead of President Nixon but they were Liberals. Their whole outlook was quite similar to George McGovern.

Clifford Case-New Jersey
Charles Percy-Illinois
Edward Brooke-Massachusetts
Mark Hatfield-Oregon

Massachusetts is the only that Senator McGovern won.

In 1984, Ronald Reagen also won 49 states but the below Senators sent a letter to the President that said that without us there is no Republican Majority.

Bob Stafford-Vermont
John Chaffe-Rhode Island
Lowell Weicker-Conneticut
Mark Hatfield-Oregon

Later both William Cohen of Maine and Warren Rudman of New Hampshire were critical of Reagen. No Republicans like these now.


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