1991-Philadelphia at Green Bay-Week 1

18 minutes into the 1991 season, Randall Cunningham sustained a torn ligament. He sat out 1991 and the Eagles had Jim McMahon. JM played well but got injured often and could not play in every game. As the season wore on, Philadelphia used three more quarterbacks-Pat Ryan, Ken O’Brien, and Jeff Kemp.

In game one:

–Jim McMahon completed 17 passes for 257 yards and two touchdowns;
–Keith Byars caught eight passes for 111 yards and one touchdown;
–Via Sikahema, then a Packer, returned a punt 60 yards to the Philadelphia 12. The Eagle defense held. On fourth and 10, –Chris Jakke kicked a field goal for Green Bay’s only score.
–The defense recorded four sacks for 17 yards in losses, four interceptions, and one fumble recovery.

It was a tough day for GB QB Dan Majhowski. The most amazing thing, which was not recorded, is the number of passes the Eagle defenders blocked, tipped, or deflected at line of scrimmage. On paper a blocked pass is the same as incomplete pass. However, a blocked pass really seems special.

That day it looked more like volley ball. Final Eagles 20 Packers 3.


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