Defeating Green Bay at Lambeau Field 27 to 13

The crowd at Lambeau Field was much quieter than this rabid guy expected. As the game went on, the crowd did not have much to cheer for. Here my feelings about the game. I think you have look critically at every play.

–Nick Foles had another great day at quarterback;
–The big play that hurt the Eagles was on their first possession; Shady McCoy caught a pass and ran it to the Packers’ 30; a holding penalty pulled the play back; this was a real drive killer.

The Philadelphia Eagles had a convincing win but there were some weak spots:

1. The pass rush was inconsistent and sometimes nonexistent; they have to get more pressure on the quarterback;
2. In the same vein, pass protection was not the best and this meant a sack, hurry, or a throw away.

Let’s remember 2009. Philadelphia won six straight during the second half of the season. In all of those games,the Eagles wasted scoring opportunities. Those victories should have been much easier and far less tense. I felt that this type of play could not continue; the Eagles would either get better and or face defeat; Philadelphia lost their last two games both at Dallas by 24 to 0 and 34 to 14. They lost Jammal Jackson in the last game of their winning streak before the twin defeats at Dallas.

At this point I think we all concerned about the status of Jason Peters. I realize Philadelphia won yesterday by two touchdowns, 27 to 13. Somehow I expected even more with the Packers down to their third string quarterback.


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