Donny Anderson-Last Non Specialty Punter

Donny Anderson was the last NFL punter who played other positions. He played nine years in the NFL. (1966 to 1973) In each year, he played halfback and was the regular punter. Donny Anderson and Elijah Pitts, in 1967, took over where Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor left off. After 1966, Hornung retired and Jim Taylor played with the New Orleans Saints in their first year. Donny Anderson had a big role in the Ice Bowl in 1967.

Here are Anderson’s Lifetime Statistics

Rushing-1,197 attempts, 4,676 yards gained, 41 touchdowns scored, and a 4.1 yard average;
Receiving-209 passes caught, 2,548 yards gained, 14 touchdowns scored, and a 12.2 yard average;
Punting-387 kicks, 15,236 yards covered, and one blocked.

His only blocked punt played a big role in the history of NFL. It was

–the 13th week of NFL Season,
–Nationally Televised,
–On a Saturday,
–at the Los Angeles Coliseum against the Rams.

The Rams were 9-1-2 and the Packers were 9-2-1

The Green Bay Packers had already clinched first place in the Central Division. LA needed to win because they were in a real struggle with the Baltimore Colts for the Coastal Division Title. After 12 weeks, Baltimore was 10-0-2. That’s right the Colts were undefeated with two ties.

The Packers were leading Rams 24 to 20 with 30 seconds left in the game. Donny Anderson was getting ready to punt from his own 20 on fourth down. The Rams gave an all out blitz and Willie Daniel blocked the punt. Tony Gillory picked up the ball and ran to the Packer three. Roman Gabriel threw a five yard touchdown pass to Bernie Casey. Final Rams 27 Packers 24. This was one of the best games in the 60s. To restate, Donny Anderson had the only blocked punt in his entire career.


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