Philadelphia Holds On Winning 24 to 16 over DC

No need to rehash the big win over the Redskins 24 to 16. The turning point came in the fourth quarter with the Eagles leading 24 to 0. The Eagles had the ball at the Redskin 40 with fourth and one. Bryce Brown came up short, Washington took over, and somehow the visitors got the flame. Philadelphia seemed to almost fall apart. Then came heavy pressure from an Eagle linemen, RG Griffin threw a floater, and Brandon Boykin made the interception.

That was the only bright spot of the last ten minutes. I was looking for the first Eagle shout out since 1996; but the win did not register until the final play. Recall Ricky Waters and company defeated the New York Giants at Veterans Stadium 24 to 0 in 1996. There is no doubt the the defense let down. Despite that, the offense could not get that first down when really needed.

I don’t think the Eagles are getting enough of a pass rush. There have been some hurries and deflections but nothing wins the game like a sack.


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